Reichsstadt Rottweil
(Baden-Württemberg, Germany)
by Theo Engeser, Villingendorf, and Martin Dilger, Berlin

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Parish Records

Until 1871 family records were kept by the parishes, and only a few villages had "official" civil family records before that time. Therefore, parish records are the most valuable source for family research in these villages.

In the last century most of the villages of the territory of the Reichsstadt Rottweil were independent parishes. Today, many of them have again been merged with others to form larger parishes again. Many of the last century parishes, however, were not old parishes but were separated from the respective mother parish in the 17th or 18th century. Therefore the parish records date back quite differently apart from some losses through wars and other catastrophes.

Usually, with the beginning of the 19th century all parishes have records in form of family sheets which makes the time-consuming search in separate birth, marriage, and death records and the reconstruction of family sheets unnecessary. These records are are not indicated here but only the old parish records.

Town/Village (parish if dauther church) Birth, marriage, and death records Archive/LDS microfilm number Transcription of old parish records (t.) /
reconstructed family records (rfr.)
Aixheim b: 1708ff.
m: 1708ff.
d: 1708ff.
Balgheim b: 1656ff.
m: 1652ff.
d: 1656ff.
Böhringen b: 1734ff.
m: 1808ff.
d: 1808ff.
Bösingen b: 1658ff.
m: 1658ff.
d: 1658ff.
PA Bösingen t: Theo Engeser
rfr: Theo Engeser
Dauchingen b: 1799ff.
m: 1799ff.
d: 1799ff.
Deißlingen b: 1685ff.
m: 1685ff.
d: 1685ff.
Dietingen b: 1571ff.
m: 1582ff.
d: 1567ff.
DA Rottenburg t: Theo Engeser (early records)
rfr: Theo Engeser (early records)
Dunningen b: 1643ff.
m: 1643ff.
d: 1643ff.
DA Rottenburg t:
rfr: Martin Dilger (parts)
Epfendorf b: 1621ff.
m: 1621ff
d: 1621ff.
t: Theo Engeser
rfr: Theo Engeser
Feckenhausen b: 1803ff.
m: 1803ff.
d: 1803ff.
Fischbach b: 1710ff.
m: 1736ff.
d: 1737ff.
Frittlingen b: 1635ff.
m: 1636ff.
d: 1635ff.
Göllsdorf b: 1808ff.
m: 1808ff.
d: 1808ff.
t: ?
rfr: Vollmer
Harthausen b: 1630ff.
m: 1631ff
d: 1630ff.
t: Theo Engeser
rfr: Theo Engeser
Herrenzimmern b: 1658-1711 (ff.lost)
m: 1658-1711 (ff.lost)
d: 1658-1711 (ff.lost)
t: Theo Engeser
rfr: Theo Engeser
Hochmössingen b: 1598ff.
m: 1596ff.
d: 1579ff.
t: Frank Wittendorfer
rfr: Frank Wittendorfer
Horgen b: 1670ff.
m: 1808ff.
d: 1699ff.
Irslingen (Epfendorf), later own parish b: 1630ff. (gap 1664-1755)
m: 1630ff.
d: 1631ff.
Kappel (Weilersbach) b: 1619ff. (gaps 1622-1644)
m: 1647ff.
d: 1698ff.
Lackendorf (Stetten ob Rottweil) b: 1662ff. (postscripts 1632ff.)
m: 1671ff.
d: 1674ff.
DA Rottenburg t: Theo Engeser
rfr: Theo Engeser
Lauffen b: 1696ff.
m: 1696ff.
d: 1696ff.
t: Rose Schiller
rfr: Rose Schiller
Mühlhausen b: 1651ff.
m: 1669f.
d: 1745ff.
Neufra b: 1772ff.
m: 1772ff.
d: 1772ff.
Neukirch b: 1663ff.
m: 1663ff.
d: 1663ff.
Niedereschach b: 1650ff.
m: 1659ff.
d: 1660ff.
Rottweil b: 1564ff.
m: 1744ff.
d: 1626ff.
Rottweil-Altstadt b: 1601ff.
m: 1601ff.
d: 1601ff.
copy in Stadtarchiv Rottweil
Seedorf b: 1681ff.
m: 1661ff.
d: 1661ff.
rfr: Martin Dilger (parts)
Sinkingen b: 1710ff.
m: 1736ff.
d: 1737ff.
Stetten ob Rottweil b: 1662ff. (postscripts 1632ff.)
m: 1671ff.
d: 1674ff.
DA Rottenburg t: Theo Engeser
rfr: Theo Engeser
Talhausen (Epfendorf) b: 1630ff.
m: 1636ff.
d: 1634ff.
Villingendorf b: 1572-1801 (gaps)
m: 1572-1801 (gaps)
d: 1611-1801 (gaps)
PA Villingendorf
transcripts in StA Rottweil
t: Theo Engeser
rfr: Theo Engeser
Weilersbach b: 1619ff. (gaps 1622-1644)
m: 1647ff.
d: 1698ff.
Winzeln (Waldmössingen) b: 1656ff.
m: 1723ff.
d: 1704ff.
Zepfenhan b: 1803ff.
m: 1808ff.
d: 1803ff.
t: Rose Schiller
rft: Rose Schiller
Zimmern ob Rottweil b: 1748ff.
m: 1748ff.
d: 1750ff.
Theo Engeser,
Villingendorf 1998
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Berlin 2002, 2004