Reichsstadt Rottweil
(Baden-Württemberg, Germany)
by Theo Engeser, Villingendorf, and Martin Dilger, Berlin

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Almost every village has its own (small) village archive.
The main source for information about the city, its territory and its inhabitants is the "Stadtarchiv Rottweil" which has numerous documents from the times of the former "Reichsstadt". The address is:

Other archives of the region are:

  • Kreisarchiv, Landratsamt Rottweil, Königstr. 36, 78628 Rottweil
  • Graf von Bissingen und Nippenburg, Archiv, Schloß Hohenstein, 78661 Dietingen, Tel.: 0741/7259, Fax: 0741/9429274
  • Stadtarchiv Oberndorf am Neckar, Stadtverwaltung, Klosterstr. 14, 78727 Oberndorf am Neckar
  • Stadtarchiv Schramberg, Rathaus, 78713 Schramberg

Many documents can be found in the Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart. The address is:

  • Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart, Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 4, 70173 Stuttgart, Tel.: 0711/212-4335, Fax: 0711/212-4360; Opening hours (2002): Mo 12.00-17.00, Tu-We 8.30-17.00, Th 8.30-19.00, Fr 8.30 - 16.00
Theo Engeser,
Villingendorf 1998
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Berlin 2002