Reichsstadt Rottweil
(Baden-Württemberg, Germany)
by Martin Dilger, Berlin

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Location and Territory

The Oberamt Rottweil

The Oberamt Rottweil was created in the years after 1800, when the previously "souvereign" imperial city Rottweil became part of Württemberg.

Oberamt Rottweil with its municipalities
In 1934 the "Oberämter" were renamed to "Landkreise". In a communal reform four years later the two neighboring districts Sulz and Oberndorf were dissolved, and most of the district Oberndorf and a smaller part of Sulz was added to the district Rottweil. Some municipalities came to the Landkreis Balingen.
Oberamt Rottweil in the borders of the later Landkreis Rottweil

Historischer Atlas von Baden-Württemberg.
Detail of sheet VII.5 ("Verwaltungsgliederung in Baden, Württemberg und Hohenzollern 1858-1936", edited by Ulrike Redecker and Wilfried Schöntag).
© Kommission für geschichtliche Landeskunde in Baden-Württemberg from 23-Sept-2004, Az.: 876, and Landesvermessungsamt Baden-Württemberg from 22-Sept-2004, Az.: 2851.2-D/3111.

Theo Engeser,
Villingendorf 1998
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