Reichsstadt Rottweil
(Baden-Württemberg, Germany)
by Theo Engeser, Villingendorf, and Martin Dilger, Berlin

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Emigration to Hungary

Name Origin Birth date Marital status Departure Destination
Glanz, AgathaZepfenhan06. Feb 1808 1817Hungary
Glanz, AgnesZepfenhan19. Jan 1815 1817Hungary
Glanz, FidelZepfenhan07. Oct [?] 1812 1817Hungary
Glanz, Laurenz JustinianZepfenhan05. Sept 1816 1817Hungary
Glanz, Maria AnnaZepfenhan27. Apr 1811 1817Hungary
Glanz, PeregrinZepfenhan21. Aug 1781 1817Hungary
Gulde, AlexanderZepfenhan28. Oct 1821 1852Austria / Hungary
Gulde, LaurenzZepfenhan03. Aug 1799  Hungary


Theo Engeser,
Villingendorf 1998
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Berlin 2002, 2005